Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preschool Fun

Yesterday during our morning we tried monoprints which is an art activity that I found on another wonderful blog using watercolors and taking a print of it on paper. Pretty easy and it was out all morning so the children were able to do as they pleased.
Supplies needed:
- watercolor paints
- paintbrushes (different sizes)
- computer paper
- newspaper
- hard washable surface ( I had plastic from box picture frame)
- containers with water in it
- And I always have paper towels on hand
Allow the children to paint on hard surface they can also use q-tips to make designes in the watercolors. After they are done their design they then take paper and place it on top of the watercolors. When you peel it off you then see the cool prints that are made from the watercolors. Very COOL!
Now they are dried they are up for display but I was thinking when we are done with them we could turn them into cards, scrap paper of course or they could practise their cutting skills and use the colors and designs in collages.