Monday, July 19, 2010

Taking the time to empower our little ones

So this morning like many mornings I find myself getting all in a tissy because of the days work load ahead, all the things that I need to do knowing there will be a bunch that will still remain left undone and left for the next day. But this morning as the tissy was growing I realized that I need to take the time to included my little ones, they really are capable of a lot. Sometimes when they are crawling under my feet and in my back pocket, they are trying to tell me something( they want to help, and they want some of me) "Don''t they now I have a million things to do" Just Kidding! I want my kids to remember good things not me running around with my head cut off. So I included.... So here I pledge that I am going to try to do this more often to ask not demand their help, to included and teach so they will one day know how........So every Monday for the next few months I am going to post pics on how I am including and teaching will you join me??? How do you included yours????