Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey there I'm still here alive and well

Wow can you believe that spring is here, it's the last week of March.YIKES! My baby turnes nine this week (it's offical I have a big kid)big kids are kinda of fun I am finding out. I'm excited for his birthday because we will be hitting a new local burger joint called "Sky Burgers" OMG amazing if you are every in Vermont you gotta check it out My boy loves burgers and this place grinds their meat daily nothing like a fresh burger and if you dont dig meat there is fish ones aswell I had the salmon one last time enough said AMAZING!
So I do want to catch up with these past few weeks, I had my first stitch n bitch party what a blast,Have you ever had one wine,food,bitching ,knitting what more could a girl ask for... It was great, I also have started running it was really just walking the dog and than the dog told me I needed to pick up the pace(I'm liking it),I have been fortunate everyone has stayed healthy,we have been using a family calendar lately dates with each of the kids,time for myself, allowance for the kids,etc. I must say things are pretty good.
Well enough rambling for now. Hope you all have a great weekend:)