Monday, December 12, 2011

My Stomach Feels like Blah!!

So I hate to admit it but I think I have fallen of the wagon again with my eating, or should I say hanging by a thread. My stomach feels so bloated and yuck from all the crap I have been eating. See from January till about this summer I had lost about 50lbs. Then the stress from work and going back to college, I have been not so good, when ever I get my hands on junk " aka" not whole foods I over do it. It's funny how just a little bit can make your stomach turn.
I truly believe and have felt the difference in eating whole foods or foods that are connected with the least amount of process to them.
It' so much work being healthy. I've stopped using the elipitcal, I do enjoy my NIA, yoga, and african dance classes I try to get in three times a week , but between the kids and I it just has not happened.
Okay enough of the whining I know what feels good, I know what I need to do, so I need to just do it.
Heather over at this blog has some wonderful ideas about eating, freezing quick foods, and she offers workshops, which I hope to take her next one which is all about whole foods and here is the link for that.
So my goal for tomorrow, is to get 20 min on the elipitcal, make a green smoothy to sip on in the morning , some salad with an hardboiled egg, and a whole local chicken into the crockpot.
Please keep me in your thoughts and root me on, I so struggle with food espically this time of year