Monday, February 15, 2010

Under the weather

Hey Blogger world! We have been sick and I am hoping to get some posting done this week. I made a yummy Barb-q pork taco for superbowl sunday that I would love to share the receipeand Yummy valentine pancakes with homemade whip cream and strawberries.
Hope everyone had a loving day yesterday! Will be in touch soon!
Happy Monday stay well friends!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Grilled cheese with a twist

Yesterday I had my friend Robin from over. She stayed for lunch and I made some grill cheese. She suggested to use Swiss cheese instead of what I would normally choose(American cheese) and we added some tomato. Oh my so yummy! So today I was craving another one but had no tomatoes so instead I used provolone cheese and apples. That was another yummy way. Thanks Robin for helping me broaden my horizons. What ways have you made a grill cheese especially yummy?


Two slices of bread
Lots of cheese
Tomato or Apple

Spread butter on one side of bread and place on a panni press. Then lay a layer of cheese on bread, with a layer of tomato or fruit and then a layer of cheese. Topped with the last piece of bread that has butter on one side. Then press the panni press down for about 3-5 minutes until golden brown and gooey with cheese.

Organizing recipes and meal planning

So if you are anything like me your on blogs, clipping ideas out of magazines and maybe even books. What do you do with all the clippings and ideas. I have created this divided folder to organize all the ideas I would like to try and then the ones I like go into my recipe box. It seems to help on the days I don't know what I want for dinner or when I am planning meals. I like to alternate chicken,pasta,beef,veg,etc meals through out the week so with the categories it makes it easy.


So I am joining with the love serious. If you are intersted in joining as well visit myyoungones blog and she will email the button. ALl you need to do is once a week,daily etc post something that you absolutley love.
So today I would like to share one thing that I absolutley love and that is

spending simple quality time with my kiddos there's nothing better than that!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preschool Fun

Yesterday during our morning we tried monoprints which is an art activity that I found on another wonderful blog using watercolors and taking a print of it on paper. Pretty easy and it was out all morning so the children were able to do as they pleased.
Supplies needed:
- watercolor paints
- paintbrushes (different sizes)
- computer paper
- newspaper
- hard washable surface ( I had plastic from box picture frame)
- containers with water in it
- And I always have paper towels on hand
Allow the children to paint on hard surface they can also use q-tips to make designes in the watercolors. After they are done their design they then take paper and place it on top of the watercolors. When you peel it off you then see the cool prints that are made from the watercolors. Very COOL!
Now they are dried they are up for display but I was thinking when we are done with them we could turn them into cards, scrap paper of course or they could practise their cutting skills and use the colors and designs in collages.

Monday, February 1, 2010

One small change

One Small Change is a challenge given by Hip Mountain Mamma to make some changes within your home to live more simply more green. It started in January but its not to late to start. Each month you commit to one change(composting,buying local,making own cleaning products or using natural ones,switching from paper to cloth napkins,etc)
So I am taking the challange starting now in February. This month it is my commitment to compost and to shop local I know its two but .... I composted all summer and just stopped due to cold. And the shopping thing I have been know to switch back and forth of where to shop and it seems I always end up saving at the City Market Coop(with discount,bag credits,and simply staying away from the prepared box stuff and buying whole foods)
Check out Hip Mountain Mamma what would your small change be? We can all make a difference one small step at a time.