Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family Time

So this weekend we had an amazing time together,getting lost on back roads in Vermont(Thank God for Iphones),visiting a friends sugar house,visiting the cows, it was so much fun. I really think even though my son says he would hate to move because of his friends, I really think by these pics he would get use to it and love it(Maybe someday:)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey there I'm still here alive and well

Wow can you believe that spring is here, it's the last week of March.YIKES! My baby turnes nine this week (it's offical I have a big kid)big kids are kinda of fun I am finding out. I'm excited for his birthday because we will be hitting a new local burger joint called "Sky Burgers" OMG amazing if you are every in Vermont you gotta check it out My boy loves burgers and this place grinds their meat daily nothing like a fresh burger and if you dont dig meat there is fish ones aswell I had the salmon one last time enough said AMAZING!
So I do want to catch up with these past few weeks, I had my first stitch n bitch party what a blast,Have you ever had one wine,food,bitching ,knitting what more could a girl ask for... It was great, I also have started running it was really just walking the dog and than the dog told me I needed to pick up the pace(I'm liking it),I have been fortunate everyone has stayed healthy,we have been using a family calendar lately dates with each of the kids,time for myself, allowance for the kids,etc. I must say things are pretty good.
Well enough rambling for now. Hope you all have a great weekend:)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you ever?????

So this morning I find myself without motivation and energy, yesterday was a no good rotten horrible day. And I do know there was some good out of the bad that happened but I am just drained. I look around its been a cartoon wii morning the sun is out, and I sit here empty not knowing which way to go outside for a walk, stay in and spring clean my office that so needs to be done(cant walk in here without crawling over something and planning is just not happeining in here),do a craft with my daughter(son is already out with friends rollerblading),pick up from breakfast empty dishwasher,take a SHOWER, whhich choose how do I choose I have this problem alot. Being a single mom I feel like something always gets left behind I am always not doing something I should be doing like the laundry sitting in the washer mildewing as I write.UGG!
Sorry I dont mean to write negatively but that is how I am feeling today in a mental whirl wind and even if I go out do something I will find myself in this place when I come back. Do you ever feel this way? What do you do?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Small Change: March Changes

One Small Change: March Changes

One small change challange for February worked out pretty well until the sickness arrived. Composting in winter can be done. But then I was reading a post on another blog I believe "Once Upon A Parent" that it would kinda of mess up what would be ready for spring and that they started a new bin for the winter composting so now that has me thinking!
So March my challenge is going to be to gosh Im stumped okay its going to be to try to eliminate one more pre made boughten food item from the store. I am already making my own breads,soups,muffins,desserts. I think the granola or cereal could be one. I really do get all giddy when I can look at a meal that I have made and say its all local or homemade and I think its so funny when the kids ask is this homemade with a smile.

Can You Believe It?

OMG where did February go?? It's been awhile since I have been able to take some time to blog I feel like I started it,got sick,kids got sick,school vacation and here we are.
I like March minus the mud with a dog but the sap is running and that brings smile to my face. Some day I pray that I will have a small farm homestead in some small town in Vermont with a few more children,a half day reggio preschool morning time,and chickens,a pot belly pig,and who knows what else. Dreams will they really come true I wonder...What do you think?
This month I look forward to Mud,visiting some local sappers,and maybe some crafting done before hiberantion ends.