Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you ever?????

So this morning I find myself without motivation and energy, yesterday was a no good rotten horrible day. And I do know there was some good out of the bad that happened but I am just drained. I look around its been a cartoon wii morning the sun is out, and I sit here empty not knowing which way to go outside for a walk, stay in and spring clean my office that so needs to be done(cant walk in here without crawling over something and planning is just not happeining in here),do a craft with my daughter(son is already out with friends rollerblading),pick up from breakfast empty dishwasher,take a SHOWER, whhich choose how do I choose I have this problem alot. Being a single mom I feel like something always gets left behind I am always not doing something I should be doing like the laundry sitting in the washer mildewing as I write.UGG!
Sorry I dont mean to write negatively but that is how I am feeling today in a mental whirl wind and even if I go out do something I will find myself in this place when I come back. Do you ever feel this way? What do you do?