Friday, February 5, 2010

Grilled cheese with a twist

Yesterday I had my friend Robin from over. She stayed for lunch and I made some grill cheese. She suggested to use Swiss cheese instead of what I would normally choose(American cheese) and we added some tomato. Oh my so yummy! So today I was craving another one but had no tomatoes so instead I used provolone cheese and apples. That was another yummy way. Thanks Robin for helping me broaden my horizons. What ways have you made a grill cheese especially yummy?


Two slices of bread
Lots of cheese
Tomato or Apple

Spread butter on one side of bread and place on a panni press. Then lay a layer of cheese on bread, with a layer of tomato or fruit and then a layer of cheese. Topped with the last piece of bread that has butter on one side. Then press the panni press down for about 3-5 minutes until golden brown and gooey with cheese.

Organizing recipes and meal planning

So if you are anything like me your on blogs, clipping ideas out of magazines and maybe even books. What do you do with all the clippings and ideas. I have created this divided folder to organize all the ideas I would like to try and then the ones I like go into my recipe box. It seems to help on the days I don't know what I want for dinner or when I am planning meals. I like to alternate chicken,pasta,beef,veg,etc meals through out the week so with the categories it makes it easy.


So I am joining with the love serious. If you are intersted in joining as well visit myyoungones blog and she will email the button. ALl you need to do is once a week,daily etc post something that you absolutley love.
So today I would like to share one thing that I absolutley love and that is

spending simple quality time with my kiddos there's nothing better than that!