Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Small Change: March Changes

One Small Change: March Changes

One small change challange for February worked out pretty well until the sickness arrived. Composting in winter can be done. But then I was reading a post on another blog I believe "Once Upon A Parent" that it would kinda of mess up what would be ready for spring and that they started a new bin for the winter composting so now that has me thinking!
So March my challenge is going to be to gosh Im stumped okay its going to be to try to eliminate one more pre made boughten food item from the store. I am already making my own breads,soups,muffins,desserts. I think the granola or cereal could be one. I really do get all giddy when I can look at a meal that I have made and say its all local or homemade and I think its so funny when the kids ask is this homemade with a smile.

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  1. This is such a great change! We are taking the Real Food Challenge this month at Not Dabbling in Normal Blog and we are doing exactly this. We are picking one processed food at a time that we buy and have started to make it at home. We started with granola and have done several things since then! It really is great making the food we eat!
    Feel free to stop by any time this month and let us know how it is going!