Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning Take 1

So I have been reading on many blogs about spring cleaning, detoxificating, and decluttering or should I say simplifing. I have lived in my home for about three years now and slowly it's beginning to be transformed into my home.(anyone of you know that feeling) So I thought what a perfect opportunity to tie it all into one.
I figure I would start with the upstairs one room one weekend at a time. Each room will get fully dusted,windows,reorganizing and hoeing out closets,drawers,trunks,cupboards whatever it maybe.
I started with the bathroom here is what it looked like before:

And this is what it looks like now

I also painted it and am working on curtains for the window. Here's the paint job

Now I mention detoxificating we had a workshop on it at mops the other day and so I figured I should use up what I have then go to making my own or buying earth friendly cleaners. Well while cleaning the bathroom with a bleach cleaner(since I have so much tile) I was scrubbing away(with window open) and by three o'clock I felt like I was going to pass out funny sensations,horrible headache,felt like I was going toget sick Crazy!! So forget the use up thought! ALL CHEMICALS!! are getting rounded up and switching over to all earth friendly products. The chance I would have to time make my own is slim but no more chemicals!! For now it's a combination of seventh generation and method much better smells and not harmful. TOP THAT CLOREX!!
Since then the master bedroom got done and while I am working I am keeping a list of things I would like to gather this year or make while thrifting(baskets for storage,memory boxes for both kids,and I am going to try spray painting a bunch of frames I would like to do a photo wall with my kiddos photos black n white with maybe black frames or a mustard yellow ~ stay tuned!!

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